Beykent University School of Foreign Languages would like to invite you to its 7th International ELT conference entitled “CEFR: From a TEACHing to a LEARNing Curriculum” that will be conducted by Beykent University and Beykent Schools.

We have selected this critical theme as the areas of Curriculum and Assessment lie at the heart of how institutions and teachers add value to the learning and lives of ELL students – but are the exact same areas that are frequently overlooked by institutions, teachers and conferences.

There will be a number of well-known speakers participating in the conference – ranging from co-authors of the CEFR to Dogme supporters, in addition to renowned educators (from around Turkey) highlighting their curriculum renewal projects and best practices.

The profile of the participants will therefore be language teachers from all types of educational institutions; primary, secondary and high school teachers as well as language instructors from universities.

Go to to register to the conference. Participation is free of charge and all registered participants will be given a certificate of attendance at the end of the conference. There will also be a raffle session in which a number of gifts will be given.

Beykent University 7th International ELT Conference

Beykent University 7th International ELT Conference